How my art journal play turned into a quick mixed media valentines card

Playing is one of the things i really love about mixed media and art journaling. I bought some cheap liquid watercolor sets and i wanted to try out how the colors looked. I cut a piece of watercolor paper (6×6 inch) and just splattered some colors on my paper and sprayed a little water over that. I love to see the colors spread on my paper.

You can watch the whole process from start to finish in the video tutorial

So now i have this cool and super easy water color background… What to do with it?? I know that if i toss it aside for later it rearly turnes into a project… So i pick out a stamp and figure out what i like to do with it.. Since it is a pretty small stamp i decide to repeat it 3 times to create a focal point. I stamp them on my card (and now i wished i embossed them at that time… ) But i didn’t… 😦

i stamped my heart stamp another 3 times cut them out and colored them with the liquid watercolors and popped them on pop dots and placed them on top of the stamped images on the card

So now i have my 3 focal points i need to frame them. This was a step i did not over think so i started to add a few stamps around the outside of the card. I only used parts of the stamps That’s when i thought about the option to emboss the stamped images and WOW it looked so cool!

The embossing poudre did not catch the whole image somehow and that gave a really distressed look to the stamping, That look fits so well with this art journal page. I added my title (word strip) and thought this was done…

But no….. The white paper needed something dark to make it pop. So that’s when i added a scrappaper where i added on a thick layer of black gesso just around the paper as a border. I dried it with my heattool, making sure it was not completely dry. Because now i could stil stamp my stamps in there to get an impression….

This impression was hardly visable at this point so i took out my make-up (intense colour eye mousse it is a waterproof creamy and sparkly stuff that works kind of like rubbin buff or wax) I rubbed it all over the stamped parts of de border and now the stamped images became somewhat visable. It looks very distressed.

finished mixed media valentines card

Hope you enjoyed my little art play and remember you can watch the process from start to finish in the video tutorial!!

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7 low budget mixed media Valentines Day art gifts for 2019

7 fun personal low budget mixed media Art gift ideas

This blogpost wil be filled with so much yummy mixed media projects and you get them all in one post! There is something in here for everyone So have fun with all the valentines inspiration and all the start to finish video tutorials! Now go and whip up something of your own to surprise your loved ones. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!

Shabby chic mixed media spray can art

1 what to do with an empty spray can…..?? Hmmm let’s make some art!! =D I alway’s like to use something unuseal and turn it into something pretty and so i did some lowbudget mixedmedia with this spray can. Enjoy the tutorial video:

diy stacke love letters

2. This DIY Vintage victorian stacked love letters with secret hidding place was a gift for my mom. If you like to make one yourself, you can view a full start to finish tutorial video for this project right here =D

Vintage shabby chic mixed media cardboard heart close-up

3 Vintage shabby chic wall hangers. Wow this is a super simple and easy pressent and i wil not cost you anything. Use up your scraps, stamps, lace and embellishments and you can make this in no time at all!!

Click this link for a full tutorial video:

stamped necklace from air dry clay

4 Clay heart necklace in 3 different versions. Using craft sensations stamps and a two special low budget ingredients every one has in the house…. 😉 You can find the video right here

key to my heart mixed media necklace using a christmas ornament

5 Key to your heart neckless a beautiful diy low budget mixed media neckless. You can also find a turorial for this neckless there.

mixed media wall hanger. Link to the tutorial video here
Her version of the wall hanger: Tutorial video here

6 Mixed media wall hanger. A great low budget mixed media project in a HIS and HER version. Great to hang them besides each other

7 My mixed media gift for a boyfriend or husband. This corset bottle i gave my husband for valentines. I put a little surprise in there… 😉 You can find some of the ideas for what to put inside in this video:

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Low budget Mixed media collage art with magazine images

This way of making an art journal is super fun, easy and the best part of all LOW BUDGET 😉 All you need is a magazine with some great images.

Today i am sharing an art journal page in my 6×6 diy art journal. I found a great page where a the bottom was this image of a mermaid, when i turned it around there was a Renaissance painting on the back with a gorgeous sky. I decide to merge them together, using an easy mixed media technique over my collage page.

Now that was the easy part of this mixed media collage page…. I loved the page so far but the sky was not really interesting like this. I knew i had to add something to it but i was actualy scared that i would ruin the whole page… But hey it sometimes you have to take a risk… And this time it paid off. You can have a look right here

I found this image of a cherub and i thought that would fit perfectly onto my page. But how to blend it into my sky??

I decided to sponge on some gesso to see what it would look like and that turned out much better then i had hoped for. Then i also started adding some light stamping into my background blending it even more in with the sky by sponging over it again with some #vintage pink #acrylicpaint.

Here you can check out a full process tutorial video of this pretty collage page

Collage art journal page with magazine cut outs

Look at the gorgeous colors in the sky and how the cherub seems to peek out of the clouds… I could have not have imagined to get a better result then this… I’m loving it!!

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Interactive mixed media page It’s your choice to open the door….

We all have to make choices in our lives… Do we open a door or not…. Sometimes i can be scary to try out new things…. But will you miss if you leave the door closed? In this interactive mixed media page you find one possible answer on that question!!

The top part of the interactive mixed media art journal page
The bottom part of the interactive mixed media art journal page with the tekst: It's your choice to open the door....
Open the door to see what is behind there….

I made a video process tutorial about this interactive art journal page, you can click here

Step 1 On a piece of craft paper i started to add teal chalk paint at first with a brush but i liked it better when i painted with my fingers 😉 After the teal i added some white acrylic paint.

Step 2 With a few different background stamps i started stamping. That is a super easy way to create interst to my background

Step 3 I used torn piece of an old map (placemat from a restaurant) and glued them on the page

Step 4 I stamped a tag with a 3D door stamp. Then i cut up wooden stirring sticks and glued them on my door.

You see a tag with a dimentional door that i made with wooden stirring sticks and a low budget crackle technique

Step 5 I used a low budget crackle paint technique (you can click below for a tutorial video.) and when it was dry i stamped my door over it to get the image back

low budget crackle paint technique

Step 6 On 2 pieces of cotton fabric (mine came from an old bed sheet 😉 ) i stamped with a background stamp and added the teal chalk paint randomly.

Step 7 on the first piece of fabric i glued first some thread and an image of a key, that came out of my old planner.

Step 8 Attaching the hinges (came from an old tea box) to my door with brads. The brads where silver so i colored them with a gold metalic alcohol marker. After that i attached the door to my page again using brads.

Step 9 Gluing the second piece of fabric to the inside of the door.

Step 10 Stamping with a Craft Sensations stamp (it looks kinda like fireworks) on several places onto my page and embossing it with gold embossing poudre from Ranger. I think that looks gorgeous with the craft teal and white!

Full and almost finished mixed media art journal page with a closed door

Step 11 Making my quote phrase/tekst on my computer, printing it and cutting it out and gluing it on to my page. Adding a black line around my tekst with a black pen.

Step 12 After the video was done i worked a little more on my page and i added the tryptich with the key’s after i found the right stampsets from craft sensations (bought at: I used the key stamp and die set from craft sensations and also a little key that came in a vintage stamp set. After i diecut the smal key i stamped it with versa mark ink and used bronse perfect pearls from ranger to color the key. I placed this key on the inside of the door and the small key i stamped on my page.

What is behind the door when you open it up.

For this project i used:
craft cardstock
acrylic paints
chalk paint
scrapbook paper
old map torn paper scraps
ranger gold embossing poudre
mini brads
computer to make my own word qoute phrase
ranger perfect pearls (not shown in video)
Several stamps sets
3D door stamp
Craft sensations clear stamps:
~ fireworks stamp
~ little key stamp (not shown in the video)
~ key die and clear stamp set
Junk and recycling
Hinges of an old tea box
pieces of old cotton fabric (bed sheet)
wooden stirring sticks
key image came from my old planner

the techniques i used:
crackle paint technique
background stamping
fabric stamping
fabric painting
tearing paper scraps for background

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What is mixed media??

Now that is a very good question!! But the answer is a bit more diffecult…

When i searched online in a dictionary i got this answer:
A variety of media used in an entertainment or work of art. Now let’s focus on the art part of this answer.

So the easy answer would be: Using multiple mediums on one project is already mixed media… Yah you probably figured that out already… right?

Say you are a cardmaker or a scrapbooker maybe… According to this defination chances are that you meet the explanation of this definition.

An example:

easy mixed media card using (distress) ink, stamping with Unity stamps, primary ellement spray ink, embossing and torn paper

This is a card that i recently made… I started by stamping ….
It answers to the explanation so it is mixed media. Yes it is a very easy form of mixed media.

So now we have a start… Let’s go a little further with this. For me mixed media is all about experimenting playing with my supplies (what ever they are!!) and having fun!! And for me the biggest FUN part is: There are no rules!!

Maybe you look at this tag and think this is very difficult…
Well infact… it’s NOT!!

mix media tag using stencils, spray ink and embellishments

Check out the video to see it really is not that difficult…

video tutorial for the art journal page that i made with the same easy mixed media techniques as are used for the tag

In mixed media you can go as little or as far as you can go…. I think the point is to not be affraid and just start playing… If there are no rules, you can not make any mistakes… RIGHT?
So what is stopping you?? Go pick up what ever you have laying around and start playing, have fun and let your imagination fly…
You do not have to create a mixed media master piece!!
Just enjoy yourself and see what you end up with.

This little tag started as follows…. I found a piece of scrap paper that was lying on my desk, just a cut it of to make a card or something else maybe. Ready to be tossed in the garbage…..

Craft Sensations stencil and homemade shimmer spray’s

Why not turn it into a little piece of mixed media art??
This tag was created when i was just playing around and having fun. I was trying out some new stencils that i just got and then i added some shimmer spray’s including a home made one. After that i made a few embellishments using a stamp and a clothing tag (in the video) And yes i love to do my crafting and mixed media on a low budget where ever i can

glittered up stamped dragon fly as a diy embellishment

The wood embellishment was painted with metalic paint and so was the thread. The clothing tag (in the video) was first painted with golden paint and after that i stenciled and dumped on glitter after rubbing my versa mark glu pad over it and see what ever would stick on the tag. After that i decided to do some more background stamping using perfect pearls to give it some sparkle.

metal embellishment, lace and feathers

Now the background is done the embellishing begins… I just tried out a bunch of stuff on my desk to see what was pleasing to my eyes… I ended up using…..

  • lace (of cuts)
  • thread
  • feathers
  • metal flower
  • stamped and stickled dragonfly
  • wood embellishment
  • flower stams (for the dragon fly)
  • crystal bling
  • pearl bling
  • and…. more lace
embellishment on the art journal page

I loved my finished piece so much that i decided to make a 6×6 art journal page out of it aswell 😃 You can watch a ful video process tutorial above. Have fun watching and thanx for stopping by!!

finished art journal page

2019 Easy DIY Desk Calender Ideas ~ Altered CD case and scrapbooking card

Are you ready for 2019??

Here are some easy last minute diy desk callender ideas

The first on is a scrapbooking card that i turned into a desk callender. This is a fast little project and you can reuse it for every month just change out the callender part. If you like you can make a new one for
every month and decorate it how ever you like.

Here is the video for this project, the tutorial is all the way in the back of the video

Desk Callender Project Share

The second on is made with an old CD case. The video explanes how it was made.

Reusable Altered vintage CD case in to a desk callender for 2019
All 6 different layouts can be stored in the back and bottem of the CD case
the basic layout is changeble for every new year

Now have fun making your own DIY Desk Callender for 2019

Simple and Ellegant all occasions Card ~ Stamping Black on Craft

Quickest card i ever made…

Last night i stumbeled upon a challenge and felt inspired to make something…

You know craft paper is very versitile…. i took a role of of craft wrapping paper and used a little piece of it. I stamped out my stamps (Unity) and used clear embossing poudre on the tekst.

Then i made a little slit in the stamped type writer just where the paper would be. I inserted a little note and stamped a little heart on there.

all stamps are from the same Unity stampset: I want you to know

My card base was just an already bought one that i cut to the size i needed. When i layered my craft piece on there i thought it needed a pop…. Since i did not have any black paper at hand i took a piece of copy paper and a permanent black marker en colored the edge of the paper. Then glued it to the craft paper. And i was…


Summer Art ~ Mixed media mini ART journal

Stamping experiment with white ink

This fun little mini album was made in a little workshop with some creative ladies. I wil do another blog post about the making of this little art journal in the future.

I love to use this little journal and use it to do my mixed media and art experiments in. It is also really handy to keep close by when i’m working to stamp off my stamps and use my left over paints in there. That way i have some pages ready with some interesting background work on them all ready to go….


little mini art journal to do mixed media art experiments in

I was currious about stamping with white ink onto a black or dark background. So i decided to experiment al little with that thought. I was happily surprised by the results that i got. =)

You can follow this process (with bloopers and OOPSes) in the tutorial video

Have fun watching and enjoy your weekend!


mini art journal page with craft sensations stamps


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Summer Art ~ Catch your dream

Splatter tag

part 5 in my summer art series

Not much time to craft during the summer? It can only take as much as 10 minutes and this tag is done!! check out my Summer art series on youtube for more fun and fast summer craft projects!!

It all started with a scrap on my desk where i made some #ecoline #splatters on…. Such a waste to trow it away, right?

So i made some more splatters and added all these wonderful yummie stamps to it and turned it into a card. But it also could be very easily a bookmark or a #tag that you can gift to someone or the title of a #scrapbookpage =)


Mixed media tag, card, bookmark or scrapbook title

I just love it when a project is so easy and versatile!

The products that i used on this tag are mainly a stampset by craft sensations and a pieces of scrap cardstock (white and blue) The splatters where made with ecoline (yellow) and acrylic paint (pink)


Using stamps from craft sensation (Action)

And yes, remember the lowbudget gelli print papers i did a while back…. They just last for ever and i am having so much fun playing with them! I stamped the stamps on there and cut parts of them out and glued them on my tag.

What a wonderful splash of color that gives =D

You can check out in this video tutorial how this tag/card/bookmark was created

On my youtube channel you wil find more projects with these colorful #paperscraps. And while you are there, please subscribe to my channel =D

Have fun watching the video!!!



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See new posibilities ~ Healing Art

How to use art to do some soul searching and working through some issues you might have? On this artjournal page i am working with hidden journaling.


Healing art journal page

I was worrying about some things in my life and trusted them to my art journal page, i used hidden journaling for that. This intuitivepainting mixedmedia artjournalpage helped me to understand my worries and was able to see new possibilities

working in my #oldbook #artjournal i did some #HealingArt. Wanna see how check out the  #tutorial on my #youtubechannel: @pitje4life where i explane this proces more detailed. You can actualy see the page changing as i work through my issues.

In this picture you can see most of the materials i used for this page.

Mostly i used actrylic (spray) paints and a stencil.


In this picture you can see most of the materials i used for this page. Mostly i used actrylic (spray) paints and a stencil.


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