Mixed Media on a budget, Do some recycling!!

How to make a diy shaker card out of recycled plastic packaging

Low budget mixed media, the perfect way to start being creative

How to do your art journaling and mixed media low budget? All you need is to think outside the box. In this post you wil find some tips and tricks for low budget mixed media

Happy Valentines Day ~ Easy mixed media card

How to make an easy mixed media (valentines) card with stacked hearts.

7 Day’s of Valentine ~ Day 7

Wonderful diy altered wooden configuration box or printers tray. it can be a diy wedding gift , valentines gift or anniversery pressent.

7 Day’s of Valentine ~ Day 6

How to make a diy paper mailbox for all your valentines love mail. Fun and cute diy valentines gift with a full how to utorial video.

7 Day’s of Valentine ~ Day 5

Everything you need to know about how to make a pocket letter. tips & tricks how to do it low budget. pocket letter ideas and goodies etc...

7 Day’s of Valentine ~ Day 4

How to make and present your diy hot chocolate gift set for valentines day. a cute gift idea for a date night at home. Making cute packaging makes all the difference in gift giving.

How to make a low budget scrapbook mini album for your valentine…

How to make an easy low budget scrapbook mini album? In a few simple steps you can make a scrapbooking mini album in a love theme for your valentine or any other occasion.

Happy birthday James Dean! Mixed media art

Ode to James Dean in the form of a mixed media art project. Februari 8th was his birthdate.

Be my Valentine ~ Cute little lolly pop arrow card

How to make an easy fun valentines card that wil make your sweetie smile! The handmade card can easily be turned into a valentines decoration.