Winter home decoration: altered vintage dutch ice skates

How to alter some vintage paper ice skates as a wonderful home decoration

Time to get ready for christmas…. Did you make your christmas wishlist yet?

Get ready for #chirstmas and make your #christmaswishlist for #Santa. This shabby chic #fabric #snippetrole is a #papercrafing #diy #homedecor project

How to overcome a creative Artists Block?

Creative block and mindset. How to overcome an Artists creative Block? What is the procces on how to overcome this paralizing feeling and get backt in to the groove of doing art again? How can you get your creative juices flowing again.. with easy tips and tricks

What do mixed media and geocaching have in common??

Besides being creative i love to go geocaching. Something totally different then sitting in my room doing mixed media and getting my hands dirty working with paints, inks, stamps, stencils etc. Well...., the part of getting your hands dirty and being creative applies to both of these hobbies =D. It maybe that you have never … Continue reading What do mixed media and geocaching have in common??

How to fall in love with your old art supplies again?

How can you fall in love with your unused art supplies again? Do you have all these art supplies and hardly ever use them anymore because you have so much new stuff???

Quirky veggie people

What to do when you are bored What to do on a rainy day when you do not have any art supplies at hand? Wanna do something quick easy and fun.... 😁 Magazine collage art Find some magazines and start cutting😊 I made quirky veggie faces Check out thos fun video

Flexible stamping on a hand painted folding fan

This video shows a new stamping technique; How to do flexible stamping. With this technique i turned a mixed media hand painted fan into an fashion accessory

Christmas 2019 ~ 10 fun and fast DIY christmas tree decorations

10 NEW fun, fast and easy DIY christmas tree ornament decorations. #christmas2019

Time to relax and enjoy! Summer art journal page (with low budget tips!!)

Easy #mixedmedia summer #artjournalpage with lots of low budget tips and tricks. How to build up your mixed media page and make your own diy stencil paste

Gelli plate printing technique: ink lifting

What to do with gelli printed papers? In this blog post i wil show you a fun ink lifting technique with distress ink on a gel printing plate and how to turn your gelli printed background into an easy hand made card.